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The Nefertiti Lift

Using Muscle Relaxing Injections to Smooth the Neck, and Tighten the Jawline

A more youthful looking Nefertiti StatueThe Bust of Queen Nefertiti Showing Off the Smooth Lines of Her Neck and Jawlineface includes a smooth neck and a crisply defined jawline.  Unfortunately, with age these parts of our face begin to slip, giving rise to an initial sagging of the jowls and the beginnings of the so-called turkey neck.  In addition, there is a down turning of the edges of the mouth, giving an impression of a permanent frown.   


The Nefertiti Lift is a new, non-surgical neck and jawline lift, tightening and smoothing these areas using muscle relaxing injections.


How does it Work?

Muscle relaxing injections are well known for smoothing wrinkles by releasing the tension in muscles.  So, it may seem strange that a muscle relaxant can be used to tighten and lift features of the face.  However, this can be explained by understanding how their targeted use modifies the interplay of muscles groups.  Some muscles pull facial features downwards (depressors), while others balance this by pulling them upwards (elevators). 


Using muscle relaxing injections to relax depressor muscles allows elevator muscles to pull up specific features of the face without opposition.  The result produces a tightening and smoothing effect. 


The Nefertiti Lift Injection Sites


The following figure illustrates the muscle Nefertiti Lift Muscle GroupsDiagram Showing the Nefertiti Lift Target Muscle Groups and Injection Sitesgroups targeted by the Nefertiti Lift.  They include the Platysma, the Mentalis, and the Depressors Labii Inferioris and Anguli Oris.  The Platysma is responsible for several undesirable ageing effects including banding in the neck, and the depression of the jowls.  The remaining muscle groups are responsible for making the mouth droop.




Although the Nefertiti Lift cannot compete with the efficacy and permanence of a thread lift, it is much more affordable, and can provide a reasonably good result for combatting early signs of ageing around the jowls and neck.


Nefertiti Lift Cost


The Nefertiti Lift costs £360 in our clinic.  Bookings can be made by calling the number or filling in the contact form, both found on the upper right side of this page.




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