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Fat Transfer Demonstration at BABS Spring 2015 Meeting

Vaser Lipo Used to Demo Fat Transfer Techniques

Dr Chambers - President of the British Association of Body SculptingThe Spring 2015 meeting of the British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS), held on the 24th of May, was organised and hosted by Dr Alexandra Chambers at her clinic in the Harley Street enclave in London.  The main topic of the semi-annual meeting was on fat transfer techniques based on liposuction technologies such as Vaser.  Body sculpting is primarily about the removal of fat, and the aesthetic benefits of this approach can be appreciated by comparing liposuction before and after photos.  Fat transfer is an additional tool for reshaping the body, using the patient's own fat cells to fill out and produce a more aesthethic profile.


The meeting included a demonstration of fat transfer technique, performed in the Dr Chambers Clinic private operating theatre.  Roughly twenty cosmetic surgeons attended the meeting, and discussions were educational and stimulating.

BABS ParticipantsCosmetic Surgeons from Around the UK Attended the Meeting

DiscussionDiscussions on Fat Transfer Techniques was Educational and Stimulating


EducationExternal Vendors Presented Relevant Technologies

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