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Skin Rejuvenation With Cytokines

What is it?

Cytokines are the regulatory chemicals produced by the human body. They are responsible for determining the life and function of different cells. There are a great variety of cytokines and each has a specific influence on their subordinate cell population. Cells growth, division, differentiation and functioning are affected by cytokines. Using synthetically derived cytokines it is possible to increase the pre-cursor cell production and differentiation into skin cells. Micro-doses of cytokines are employed in rejuvenation treatment and they enhance the natural processes of regeneration. Skin becomes more radiant, smooth and fresher. Generally, patients feel reinvigorated and more energetic.

How is it done?

A series of multiple injections are injected into the target area. The whole procedure takes about 20 min and needs to be repeated on a daily basis for 1 week. Prior to the treatment a physician undertakes a careful assessment of the patient’s health and takes blood samples to test for any pre-existing abnormalities. The blood tests are repeated one and three weeks after the treatment to monitor efficacy and also possible adverse effects.

Is it safe?

In healthy individuals it is safe and effective method of rejuvenation.

Are there any adverse reactions or side effects?

Any swelling or bruising will settle within 2 weeks. Spots can sometimes erupt on the treated sites but settles within a week. Infection is possible and will require antibiotics or zovirax if herpetic in origin. Flu like symptoms can occur but are rarely seen. Allergic reaction is a possibility.

How long to wait for the effect and how long does it last?

Skin improvement will be evident within 2-3 weeks, but overall rejuvenation can take up to 3-4 weeks. Results can last for about 1 year.


Active malignancy or infection, blood disorders, allergy, auto-immune diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding, immuno-supressing medications.

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